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Ottawa is known to be a busy city with everyone rushing to work and tourists from all around the world visiting the wonderful attractions that Ottawa has to offer. With all the driving going on in the city, mishaps tend to happen quite often, especially with your car keys- you may find yourself in a situation where your car keys stopped working or you lost them all together. This is when you call Car Key Replacement Ottawa where our representatives are standing by to answer your call any time you need our services or have any other automotive key inquiries.

Our car key replacement specialists have all the knowledge and training needed to complete any services involving your car keys; programming, or ignition, and have the job finished in no time so you can continue with your day as you were. There are times where we all lose a set of car keys or misplace them, when this happens you can always rely on Car Key Replacement Ottawa where our best car key technicians come straight to your location to provide, program, and cut a brand-new set of keys. Whenever you are stranded, give us a call and we can quickly dispatch a car key specialist who will be happy to work with you at any time of the day and night.


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BMW car key replacement services 

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24 hour emergency car key replacements  

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Car Key Replacement Ottawa ensures all our customers are serviced professionally and at an affordable rate for any car key or ignition concerns. Our car key replacement technicians are extensively certified but also insured for all automotive key and ignition services so that we can provide you the most professional services in the city.

We work on a wide range of different makes and models of cars so that we can help you replace your keys and get you back on the road in no time, and with our 24/7 car key replacement services we can make sure it will be done efficiently. Call Car Key Replacement Ottawa today to request a free quote over the phone for any of your car key or ignition repair requests.


Car Key Replacement Ottawa proudly provides the quickest and most reliable services here in the city for all car key or ignition repairs. It is tough to find a professional and trustworthy service company that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We always have representatives waiting for your call, as well as emergency car key technicians who are available to come out to you and create a new key for your car regardless of the time it is. We understand the struggles of your car keys breaking or accidentally losing the only key you had for your vehicle and now you need a new one cut so that you can have a functioning car to continue your day.

These situations can happen and that’s why you need to make sure you always have a reliable car key locksmith to call in case of these emergencies. We give you the convenience of bringing the car key you need to your location and programming it on the spot, not only but our knowledgeable experts will keep you informed and share valuable information every step of the way, with the goal of leaving you an exceptional service experience. This saves you the cost and trouble of having to tow your vehicle to a repair shop or even the dealership, instead we offer you affordable and professional services at your location.

There is no reason for you to panic when you lose your car keys because you know that Car Key Replacement Ottawa is simply one call away from giving you the best car key replacement services at an affordable rate.

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The capital city of Canada is a fast-pace metropolitan type of environment with an emerged demand for locksmith services as the unexpected is always anticipated to happen- do not hesitate and call Car Key Replacement Ottawa, for any of your car key needs and we will be sure to answer your call and allow our team to take care of your needs with a customized solution for any of you car key or ignition problems.

Whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation needing an emergency car key expert, you can always be sure to rely on us, Car Key Replacement Ottawa. All our car key technicians have completed all the training necessary for making and programming car keys so that we can provide you with quick and professional services at any time.

We are a proudly Canadian run company that service car key replacement or ignition repair services and you can trust we are available and happy to work with you every day of the week and every minute of the day.