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Car key replacement 

Michael Brewer

I would definitely recommend this place for anyone needing car key replacements. I accidentally dropped my car keys roughly and they still worked to drive but they were falling apart so I was scared they would just stop working at any moment and completely fall apart. I figured I’d better get them replaced so I have new ones that actually work properly and are not falling apart.

A buddy of mine told me about Car Key Replacement Ottawa so I decided to give them a call. They gave me a really good quote on how much a new key would be so I was already sold on that. They gave me a brand-new key programmed to my car quickly and I have not had any problems. Their customer service was great as well and I will definitely be back to make copies of my car key so I have backups.

Ignition repair

Vincent Berie

This company is great! I was heading out for dinner with my family but when I tried to start the car, my keys would not turn. I assumed it was an issue with my car ignition so I searched on google places that deal with ignitions and Car Key Replacement Ottawa popped up so I decided to give them a call and I am very happy I did.

They answered right away when I called and said they could help and the technician was at my house in only 45 min which was amazing, I did not expect them to be this quick.

Car Key Ignition Replacement Service

He came and found the problem with my ignition and luckily it just needed a repair and not a replacement but he did let me know that they do both so that is helpful to know. I recommend these guys for anyone who needs help with their ignitions or car keys!

24-hour services

Julia Vogt

Car Key Replacement Ottawa is amazing. My daughter went out with her friends and lost her only pair of car keys at the beach. She called me freaking out because it was getting dark and her and her friends wanted to get out of there and I was worried because I did not know if there were companies that worked that late. I searched up car key services near me and this company came up and I saw they offered 24-hour services.

I called them right away and they got in touch with my daughter and were able to get to her fairly quickly to bring her new keys. Everything went so smoothly and she was able to get home before midnight! I would say we had a great experience and I will be saving their number for the future because I am sure accidents like that may happen again.

Car key programming and cutting

Zachary Gibney

I bought a pair of car keys uncut and not programmed so I needed a company that was able to do both. A few places I called said they can only cut and didn’t have the equipment for programming but when I called Car Key Replacement Ottawa, they said they were able to do both. I booked a time for them to do it right away and they were on time so I had no problems with that.

The technician was able to quickly cut the keys I got and had all the equipment to program the keys to my car. We made sure that everything worked and I was able to start and drive my car. It has been a few months since they cut and programed my keys and I have had zero problems. I am very happy with their services and will call again if I need anything.